A Monochrome Monday Self Portrait Series. Profile of a Self Portrait Photographer

Doing self portraits is daunting to say the least. Especially for a woman closing in on 50 years old! I’ve looked around this web thing and most of the photographers doing self portraits are much younger than me and quite frankly look like models.

That makes me really sad. It makes me feel like if a woman isn’t young or exceptionally attractive by industry standards then they aren’t willing to put their face out there or take pride in who they are, how they look, or in their unique style and personality, and in the gifts they have to offer the world. Heck the same goes for guys!

If anyone dares to join me in the world of self portraits, let me know in the comments so I can see your work. It really is a lot of fun once you get going.

Sony A68, 50mm prime, 1/200s, f/5, ISO200, Speedlite with flashbender on camera, Capture One

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