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Self portraits interest me. I wish I was 25 years younger so I could create better looking ones but I still like doing them. They don’t seem to be extremely popular. Would you ever do self-portraits? (different than a selfie.)

Pixel 3a XL/PicsArt

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  1. No I don’t think I’m very photogenic. So I prefer to stay behind the lens. Even though some people like it when I send them selfies, I prefer not to do things like that because again I don’t think I photograph well.

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    1. I think men of all ages have interesting photogenic features when taken by a good photographer. I’m sure you would be included in this group, but you have to be comfortable in front of the camera first and if you’re not, you’re in the majority I’m sure.

      Unfortunately, on the flip side with females, society has trained our eye to mostly fall towards only the young and pretty ones when it comes to photography, based on what I see out there.


      1. It’s true! I’ve watched a lot of webinars on how to edit portraits using my software and they have male models of all different ages 20-80, but the women are always the waif models in their teens and early 20s. It’s pathetic. Lol


  2. Glad I found your blog:) Thanks for the like. Tue, self-portraits are not favored anymore. Used to sketch self portraits (as a matter of fact, I have on on my “About” page of my blog, but never paint, or photograph them. (I don’t do selfies.) Maybe it has to do with my previous job -am now retired, but for a psychologist to paint herself?? I don’t think I would ever be satisfied.

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    1. I like the self portrait you have on your about page. I think as a psychologist maybe you might have some insight on why people might like or dislike doing self portraits. I find I like it because I then always have a model on hand! It is very convenient. Thanks for your comment!


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