California Vacation Part 6

We spent part of an afternoon shopping up and down the Haight/Ashbury area which apparently is popular to some. Our relatives who live close by called it “The Haight” (pronounced like “hate”).

Large vintage record store
Alley off of Haight St.

It was in this area out of all of San Francisco that I saw the most number of homeless people.

After The Haight we went to Balmy alley to check out the art murals which apparently change from time to time.

More sites around the Balmy alley area. My husband thought it was the ‘mission district” but I don’t know.

We also just kind of drove around San Francisco checking out all the architecture of the houses crammed together on the hills of the city. Some of the hills were so steep you couldn’t even see over the top of where the street went. It was like going over a cliff 😂.

We also drove by the Full House house!

Full House house

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Which Do you Like Better

These are the two of my favorite ICM artwork images that I’ve made so far. I want to get one of them made into a large canvas print to put over my couch and I need help deciding which one to use. Do you like the first one or the second one better? Also, do you think this size is good or should I get a bigger size? Thanks for your help!

Wednesday Whisper Before and After Digital Art Video

Here is some #abstract #artwork I made using mobile pictures of everyday objects and apps on my Pixel phone during the month of December. I posted these pieces in stories on Instagram throughout the month as I created them and paired them with different music based on my mood or what was going on that day.  They are archived in my Instagram Highlights. #Art is everywhere! 😍

ICM No. 9

No. 9 and its original unedited file of a intentional camera movement (ICM) photo of a contrasted landscape against a cloudy sky.

ICM No. 8

No. 8 and its original unedited file of a intentional camera movement (ICM) photo of a dark landscape blending into a sky dotted with clouds.

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