My Creative Outlets

More random facts about me via pictures around the house as I avoid the 98°F temps outside…

Photography, of course, is my biggest hobby. This photo is a wall hanging in my house of an image I took years ago of my daughters exploring the banks of the converge of the Missouri and Kansas Rivers, if I remember right. Kansas City is in the background.

I got into pencil drawings for about a year back in 2014 and this was probably the best thing that I produced. I still pick it up here and there when I feel like doodling but never do anything big anymore.

I went through a couple of years where I painted a lot. On canvas and on random things like this picture frame. Painting was very therapeutic for me during a time in my life when I was going through some painful things. Once I got through that I kind of lost interest in it. Although, lately I’ve been getting the itch again so we’ll see.

What is your favorite hobby or creative outlet?

I See 600 Followers

This is one of the interesting sculptures at Laumeier Sculpture Park in St. Louis, MO.

Pixel 3a XL /Snapseed

Also, thank you to Joe and the rest of you 600 followers for your interest in my photography blog!

Like Mother Like Daughter

This sweet girl snapping some images at a local sculpture park for her photography class. I love watching her come home each week with new assignments and helping her figure out the exposure triangle as she takes pictures in manual mode. She’s really starting to get the hang of it.

My images with Pixel 3a XL/Snapseed

Cathedral Basilica Moods and Lights

One of my favorite things about photographing the inside of this cathedral was the various lighting available with which to experiment. Most of the overhead lights were turned off leaving just focal lighting on the art work and statues to illuminate the spaces, and then of course there were the candles and stained glass providing interesting light.

We will be here this weekend for my younger daughter’s Confirmation ceremony. It is such a beautiful place! If you are ever in St. Louis, I recommend a visit.









Neon Art

Pieces from David Hutson’s “Memory & Desire, A Personal Exploration of Neon Art Past and Present” now on exhibit at The Aronson Fine Arts Center in St. Louis, MO.






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