Closed the Door (a Monochrome Monday)

I closed the door on my portrait photography business this summer. I feel bad turning people away, but it just got to be too stressful taking pictures for other people. Doing it for money took all the joy out of it. Lol. I’ll still do stuff for fun for my own family. I like knowing the only person I have to please is myself and also, nature is really my favorite subject.

The setting sun hitting my front door.

Sony A68


Navy Pier

Chicago, Illinois

Pixel 3a XL/Snapseed


My neighbors house caught fire last fall. They are just now finally able to start tearing down the damage in order to rebuild.

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Cathedral Basilica Moods and Lights

One of my favorite things about photographing the inside of this cathedral was the various lighting available with which to experiment. Most of the overhead lights were turned off leaving just focal lighting on the art work and statues to illuminate the spaces, and then of course there were the candles and stained glass providing interesting light.

We will be here this weekend for my younger daughter’s Confirmation ceremony. It is such a beautiful place! If you are ever in St. Louis, I recommend a visit.









Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis

I thoroughly enjoyed my tour of the Basilica this past week.  The guide noted that not one drop of paint was used to create all the beautiful artwork.  Everything was completed using mosaics comprised of millions and millions of little pieces of colored glass.











Gateway to the West

Can you believe I got a picture of the St. Louis arch at this multiple-intersection with not one car in sight? And why are some street lights on and not others? And do you see the bird?

The Peabody Hotel

Downtown Memphis, Tennessee

Apparently ducks hang out in the fountain of this hotel’s lobby and every morning at 11am the ducks come down the elevator from their home on the rooftop or penthouse or I’m not really sure…and they walk the red carpet to the fountain. Then at 5pm each afternoon they walk the red carpet back to the elevator to return home, where ever that may be.

We did not make it over there to see them even though we were staying at the Holiday Inn right across the street because we were too busy with my daughter’s volleyball tournament all weekend.

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