What’s on the Other Side?

I haven’t made it outside to take any pictures for 2021 yet because I have been busy with other things including edits on my other blog here. Please follow me over there, too.

I’ve also been busy making appointments for up coming doctors visits. Why is it the older I get the more doctors I have to see? Hmmm, not too hard to figure that out, but still not fun. Happy to have insurance to help pay for it all though. And I do like all my doctors. They are good people.

Also been busy processing volleyball footage and uploading to youtube and a scouting site for our team like I do every time we play games. It usually takes about 2 hours per match to get it all done and they play anywhere from 3-6 matches at a time.

Pixel 3a XL

Something Different

I post mostly nature images here so this is definitely something different but it is a picture of the gas station near my house. I was pumping gas one night at dusk after going on a picture walk, so I had my camera with me, and the building just looked kind of neat to me in the fading light with it’s neon lights in contrast with the approaching shadows. So I grabbed my camera and fired off 2-3 shots, getting the composition I liked best.

I imagined the clerk inside thought I was casing the joint or something equally as strange. I felt lucky I caught the moment with no cars parked in front of the store because I feel that would have ruined the shot.

I turned to my right after that and saw another picture opportunity as the sky was coloring so beautifully over the uhaul trucks the station rented out, so I took another unusual shot.

I took both of these with my Sony A68 and edited in Capture One.

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