A Little Birdie Told Me…

I pulled out a hobby this week that I haven’t done in a few years – creating greeting cards out of my photographs.  The image below might be hard to envision as a card because it is a card with a white background being displayed on a white screen, but you can use your imagination.  It would be a card in the portrait orientation.

01 1

I sell the cards on Redbubble and they don’t let you put any writing on the inside of the cards; they are all blank so you can write what you want. Believe it or not I make a few dollars a year off of them.  Literally, a few dollars a year.  Lol!  But I don’t do it for money or glory or fame.  I do it because it is fun and I enjoy being creative.

This is the link to my “shop” if you want to see my other cards.


I am going to be working on some more soon and will post them here as I complete them.

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