Self Portrait Series. Hair Light

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Sony A68, 1/60s, f/1.8, ISO100, Speedlight behind subject

Self Portrait Series. Diptych

This portrait collage is called a “diptych” which in photography is a “pair of closely associated portraits, images or themed pictures often used to off-set one another.”


I was trying to shoot a low-key portrait that barely showed the highlights. It is not exactly what I was going for but it is what I got. I don’t have any soft light modifiers for my flash so I used a pillow case! It softened the light quite a bit!

Sony A68, 1/200s, F/4.5, ISO200, Speedlite 1/128 power, Capture One

Self Portrait Series. Lighting Part 2

In my last post I went over a couple of lighting techniques including Rembrandt and Loop. Below are two more I tried out with one speedlight. The first is called Split Lighting.


In this set up the light is positioned 90 degrees to the left of me. The second technique is called Butterfly or Paramount Lighting and here the light is positioned above and centered with my face.


Both images were taken with Sony A68, 1/60s, f/1.8, ISO200, speedlight with diffuser and power set to 1/32. Edit in Capture One.

Self Portrait Series. Lighting Part 1

I finally got set up to use my off camera flash this week so I started experimenting with it and posted my first set up shot to one of my lighting groups on Facebook for some feedback. Turns out without knowing it, I used a technique called Rembrandt Lighting on this image.


The harsher shadows form a triangular shape at the nose and cheek. Nice for moodier pictures, which wasn’t necessarily what I was going for here.

(Sony A68, 50mm prime, 1/100s, f/5, ISO200, speedlight set to 1\8 power with diffuser and flashbender above and 45 degrees to subject left, reflector at subject’s feet. Edit in Capture One.)

Behind the Scenes (BTS)


So, I made some adjustments to my set up to achieve a more typical “studio look” also known as Loop Lighting.


(Sony A68, 50mm prime, 1/60s, F/1.8, ISO200, speedlight set to 1/8 power with diffuser slightly above and 45 degrees to subject right, reflector subject left. Edit in Capture One.)

Second BTS


I think I got it right.

This is going to be fun, this off camera flash thing. Challenging too! There is a lot to learn and it is more complicated than I ever could have guessed! There are a couple more techniques I want to try before I get going on the creative stuff. Wish me luck.

A Monochrome Monday Self Portrait Series. Profile of a Self Portrait Photographer

Doing self portraits is daunting to say the least. Especially for a woman closing in on 50 years old! I’ve looked around this web thing and most of the photographers doing self portraits are much younger than me and quite frankly look like models.

That makes me really sad. It makes me feel like if a woman isn’t young or exceptionally attractive by industry standards then they aren’t willing to put their face out there or take pride in who they are, how they look, or in their unique style and personality, and in the gifts they have to offer the world. Heck the same goes for guys!

If anyone dares to join me in the world of self portraits, let me know in the comments so I can see your work. It really is a lot of fun once you get going.

Sony A68, 50mm prime, 1/200s, f/5, ISO200, Speedlite with flashbender on camera, Capture One

Self Portrait Series. Picture This

Weather in the Midwest is crazy, y’all. Yesterday we had tornado sirens going off and major thunderstorms with 70°F temps and today at one point it was actually pouring down rain and snowing at the same time and now there is 2-3 inches of snow on the ground and it is cooold outside! I just keep smiling. What in the heck is going on in your world?

Sony A68, 1/200s, f/5, ISO200, Speedlite with flashbender, Capture One, Gimp

Self Portrait Series. Distorted

I am a bit goofy. The internet is all full of self portrait ideas. This one turned out a little more fun-house-looking than the one I found but that’s the joy in doing anything artistic…even when you are modeling the techniques of others it still ends up turning out to be uniquely yours!

Sony A68, 1/80s, f/5, ISO4000, Capture One, Gimp

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