Time to Start Moving

I visited my doctor this week for a check up and he got on me a bit because I am not very good about getting in regular exercise. So I’m going to start with yoga. It’s about all I can tolerate. Anything too aerobic gives me a migraine headache. It’s a whole thing. I may walk some but the weather has to be just right. I’m real sensitive to the temperature. It’s a whole other thing. Lol. What do you do for exercise?

Sony A68/ Capture One

Two Views

I love this view of the lake with the tree off center. Below is another view of the same tree only from a distance.

Here it sort of gets lost in the backdrop of the trees on the other side of the lake.

The white sand everywhere always makes for interesting images because it almost looks like snow in the middle of spring or summer or at least looks like sand that should be next to an ocean on the coast not next to a tiny lake in the midwest.

Sony A68/Capture One

Saturday Lakeview

Got out to a new park today to take pictures. Haven’t been here in a few years. It is quite beautiful. It was very crowded but as you will see in the photos I will be posting in the next week or two you would think it was deserted. Patience and some precise zooming can help you work your way around almost any obtrusive subjects or objects.

Sony A68/ Capture One

It’s Been a Long Road

WordPress informed me this week that I have been blogging here for 8 years now. Wow! Actually it’s been eleven years because I ran a different photography and art blog before this one for 3 years and then I went strictly to photography and started fresh with a new identity here.

It’s such an enjoyable hobby taking pictures and sharing them here and looking at everyone else’s and talking shop. Thanks for being a part of my photography journey.

How long have you been blogging?

Sony A68/Capture One

In Need of a Clean Up

These creek images show an area in need of a little clean up as in tree trimming and brush clearing. Kind of messy looking but thankfully not any trash lying around like you sometimes see.

I did some clean up on my camera this week. I noticed two spots on my images when looking at them on the computer screen. So, I first cleaned my lens and when that didn’t help, I ran the auto sensor cleaner on my camera. No luck there either.

Next I used the hand held blower tool to clean out the inside of the camera where the mirror and the sensor lay. Had to figure out how to release the mirror to access the sensor as well. Still no luck.

More youtube video tutorials suggested I use a q-tip to lightly dab the dust particles off the mirror. Tried that even though I wasn’t sure I even visual saw the dust. Still the spots were showing up on my images!

Finally, I did what the videos told me not to do; to leave up to a professional camera shop and that is to take a cleaning tool to the sensor. Based on where the dust spots were appearing on my images I ever so lightly touched a q-tip to the sensor and low and behold it worked. Clean and clear images.

I felt so accomplished! Has this ever happened to you, dust spots on your images? Were you able to clean it yourself? What other technical difficulties have you run into with your photography?

Sony A68/Capture One


I think this is such an interesting view of the field. Two contrasting surfaces. My day-to-day moods often feel like this. Although their fluctuations feel more annoying than interesting.

The last few days have been on the negative side but I know the tide will turn. It always does.

Sony A68/Capture One

Breezy Fields

My laptop is shot so I got a new one this week and I’ve just spent more time than I wanted to trying to get the monitor calibrated to match the prints I get at Mpix.com (the best place IMHO to get prints).

My old computer was spot on but this one was displaying darker and more saturated screen images even with using the same calibration parameters I did on my old monitor.

So I changed the luminance parameters and I think I’ve got it set as best as I can. I’m rather picky when it comes to getting my portraits printed and I want them to look like exactly what I edit them to be. The guy at best buy told me you couldn’t calibrate a laptop screen. I disagree.

Do you calibrate your monitors or screens?

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