Sunset Pond

A peaceful evening overlooking the water. The temps have been a little more bearable this week in the 80s with lower humidity. How is the weather where you are?

Sony a7 III/Capture One


Happy Friday! Here are a last few random pictures from around my house as I stay inside out of the extreme heat this week.

My daughters gave me this cute little plant one mother’s day a few years ago. I don’t have any really plants around the house any more. I did for a couple of years up until a few months ago when gnats showed up around the house and I had a good feeling they were coming from the plants.

I didn’t want to deal with trying to rid the plants of them and the plants were all out growing their pots anyway, and I didn’t really have room for them to get bigger. So, I made the somewhat painful decision to cut them all down and disperse them around the yard to be mulched by the lawn mower and mixed back into the earth. Since then no more gnats in the house!

Every Christmas without fail, my mom gives all of us kids calendars. I usually get one with beautiful landscape scenes. I hang it on a board by the door in our kitchen coming in from the garage.

Do you have special gifts from loved ones sitting out in your house all year long?

My Creative Outlets

More random facts about me via pictures around the house as I avoid the 98°F temps outside…

Photography, of course, is my biggest hobby. This photo is a wall hanging in my house of an image I took years ago of my daughters exploring the banks of the converge of the Missouri and Kansas Rivers, if I remember right. Kansas City is in the background.

I got into pencil drawings for about a year back in 2014 and this was probably the best thing that I produced. I still pick it up here and there when I feel like doodling but never do anything big anymore.

I went through a couple of years where I painted a lot. On canvas and on random things like this picture frame. Painting was very therapeutic for me during a time in my life when I was going through some painful things. Once I got through that I kind of lost interest in it. Although, lately I’ve been getting the itch again so we’ll see.

What is your favorite hobby or creative outlet?

Sweet Treats

With the heat indices reaching 109°F lately I’ve taken to indoor photography around the house for now. So whether you want to or not get ready to learn some random facts about me.

These Lindor chocolates are my go-to dessert after dinner almost every night. They are super rich and creamy. Delicious 😋

While chocolate may be one of my favorite foods, coffee is one of my favorite drinks especially since we just got this fancy coffee maker that makes hot coffee, iced coffee, cold brew and more.

I can make a cold brew and fix it up to taste just like what I order at Starbucks! I take it with a couple pumps of sugar free vanilla syrup and heavy cream and very light ice. I am in coffee heaven every morning now.

How do you like your coffee? And what is your favorite dessert?

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