Happy Flowers

Let’s be happy today, okay?

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Without the Dark

But without the dark we’d never see the light.

Sony A68

Closed the Door (a Monochrome Monday)

I closed the door on my portrait photography business this summer. I feel bad turning people away, but it just got to be too stressful taking pictures for other people. Doing it for money took all the joy out of it. Lol. I’ll still do stuff for fun for my own family. I like knowing the only person I have to please is myself and also, nature is really my favorite subject.

The setting sun hitting my front door.

Sony A68

Welcome Cooler Temps

I’m putting out the welcome sign for the forecasted 80 degree weather this week starting tomorrow. I only made it to my front yard for about 5 minutes last night. And today I had all plans to go out with my camera but it ended up being too hot. Going to try again this week as the temperatures cool down into the 80s for the high. Fingers crossed.

Sony A68

Looking Up


Sony A68

Took this last spring, but got my Sony out tonight and taking it out again tomorrow, so you’ll be seeing some more. Love my phone, but miss editing on the laptop some.

Beat the Heat

Trying to stay cool as the heat index climbs to 110°F this weekend. Not good for my migraines, so I tend to lock myself inside on these days. Luckily, I have some images from the past few weeks on hand still to post.

What is your weather like?

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