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Sony A68/Capture One

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Sony A68/Capture One

Not much going on around here except that I feel like we moved this last month without actually leaving our house, because my older daughter moved her room from upstairs to downstairs, which required my husband to put in a closet and cold air return in the basement bedroom.  He still has to install and rewire some smoke alarms down there, too, and finish a bathroom closet for her.

Next my younger daughter moved from her bedroom to my older daughter’s old bedroom.  Then I moved all the basement stuff to her old bedroom!  Not to mention we painted each room before the moves.

On top of all of that, I, of course, took the opportunity to purge as much stuff as I could when clearing out closets and such, so I am still in the process of donating items to charity and selling things online, which is a pain.

Then last week we decided that we need new living room furniture and went out and bought a new set which is being delivered on Friday.  So, now I have to figure out how to get rid of our old furniture before then.  Of course now new curtains and area rug are in order as well. 🙂  More moving.

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