There are so many elements to this that I didn’t know what to title it. There’s the church steeple, the power lines, the lamp post…all perfect silhouettes backed by a beautiful sunset winter sky.


This is for Stacy’s One Photo Focus Challenge, where we are given a photo to edit however we want. When I saw the original photo of the older Victorian style home it reminded me of the 100 year-old homes in a small town where we used to live in Iowa in the U.S.  I knew right away I wanted to make the photo look like an aged photograph from like the 1920’s or 30’s that you might find in an old chest in your grandmother’s dusty attic.

Original photo (see below) by Stacy Fishcher
Original photo (see below left) by Stacy Fischer.  Edits by Sheila (that’s me!)

To do this, I made numerous edits in a mobile app called PicsArt. Then I transferred the photo over to my laptop and used GIMP to layer the photo with a “old paper” texture created by Shadowhouse Creations. I set the texture layer to Multiply, and made some minor adjustments until I was satisfied with the final product.  What do you think?

Below is a photo by Shane Francescut that I edited as part of a challenge put forth by Stacy’s One Photo Focus.


Photo by Shane Francescut; edited by Sheila
Photo by Shane Francescut; edited by Sheila


Photo by Shane Francescut
Photo by Shane Francescut

All I did was crop in on the right side of the front building and adjust the color levels in GIMP. Easy-peasy! Check out what others did with Shane’s photo at One Photo Focus.

red house remix

Playing with HDR files and tone mapping. This image looks a tad better than yesterday’s. I have a lot yet to learn.

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