Missouri Peaceful Weather

Unlike last night at 2am when I woke everyone up and dragged them to the basement because the tornado was headed our way! Rotation was approaching and then it veered North of us. No damage to speak of except in Jefferson City, our state’s capital some 100 miles away. Prayers go out to them.

Pixel 3a XL

Stormy Walk

This is one SOOC that I took with my cell phone right before it started to down pour. I love those summer rains. Luckily I made it to my car right as the sky let loose.

Had two portrait sessions I’ve been busy editing. Having fun with that. You can see sneak peeks on my Offshoots Photography’s Facebook page. I invite you to Like the page if you visit. I would love to have your support!


Experimented with all my lenses today and head to head, I think the 50mm prime is my favorite. What do you shoot with?

Red Blooms

Motorola X Pure, Processed in Snapseed

I had a Family photo shoot this morning and it was good weather, overcast, not bright and sunny. A mom and dad and two little boys who loved to run and laugh and play. I got many action shots and lots of goofing around. What a fun way to start the day!

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