The Marsh Filtered

Are you getting sick of pictures of the marsh yet? I have so many because it is one of my favorite places to walk. It is so close to my house and it looks different each time I go there depending on the time of year.

This one I took with my phone and put a filter on in Snapseed. Looks kind of dreamy.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Back at the Marsh

I never tire of this place. I walked about 50ft from where I stood the last time I was there, taking pictures along the way. After about a half hour I felt I had my fill because there is so much going on there sensory wise – sights, sounds and smells from all of the trees, reeds, flowers, bushes, vines, etc., and then the multitude of wildlife, birds, ducks, frogs, bees, dragonflies, and more – that my system actually began to feel overloaded by all the input and I felt I needed a break!

So, I have many posts of photos coming from this man-made Marsh. I hope you enjoy the little glimpses into this small piece of land that actually sits smack dab in the middle of a suburban neighborhood of all places! Lol!

Sony A68/Capture One/Color Efex Pro

Waiting in Line

Snapped this one while waiting in the drive thru line on father’s day to get a snow cone!

The world can be beautiful where ever you are if you are open to noticing it and simply take the time to stop, maybe look up from your phone 🙂 and see what’s around you.

Pixel 3a XL

Missouri Peaceful Weather

Unlike last night at 2am when I woke everyone up and dragged them to the basement because the tornado was headed our way! Rotation was approaching and then it veered North of us. No damage to speak of except in Jefferson City, our state’s capital some 100 miles away. Prayers go out to them.

Pixel 3a XL

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