Beautiful Sky and Phone Problems

Pixel 6/ Snapseed

I’m having troubles with my Pixel 6. A week or so ago my camera flipped upside down so every pic it took was upside down! I went through ALL of the steps to try and fix it including trouble shooting with Google’s tech support. They finally started asking me for the information needed to return/replace the phone.

As a side note I am also having trouble with the browser freezing up when I search to the point I have to close it out and reopen and try again. But I hadn’t even got to that with tech support.

After a factory reset I realized I forgot to save my contact list. So before answering Google’s last email, I took my old Pixel 3a and transferred all its data to the 6 to get my contacts back on the 6. After I did that, guess what? The camera was fixed!

I never responded to Google’s last email because I’m afraid if I tell them it’s fixed they will close out the ticket and if it goes out again I’ll have to start all over.

Downside is the browser is still glitching sooooo…I may wait until they start buying back the 6s for trade in and (gulp) switch brands.

My husband just bought the top of the line Samsung and his camera blows the Pixel 6’s away because if it’s zoom lens. Also the saturation on his colors seems to be better. The iphone 13 pro has a zoom also. My daughter has that phone so I am going to compare hers to my husband’s. I know the Pixel 6 pro has a zoom but I’m kind of leary of Pixel now.

Comparing Pics on My New Phone

Shot as jpg, edited in phone’s built in editor
Shot as jpg, edited in Snapseed
Shot in RAW, edited in Snapseed
Shot in RAW, edited in Capture One

To me, the image shot as jpg looks almost identical in each photo editor. I think Snapseed did a slightly better job with the colors tones.

It appears the jpg images in each editor came out much more saturated than the RAW ones in their respective editors. Any ideas as to why this happened? I thought raw was supposed to capture more info than jpg. The only thing I can think of is many phone cameras have HDR processing baked into their software, which would maybe process jpgs more saturated but leave the raw as is since it is technically not processed yet???

Overall, I almost prefer the Snapseed jpg over the Snapseed raw because of the increased saturation and the Snapseed raw over the Capture One raw for the same reason, although Capture One did a better job at preserving the details of the raw than Snapseed did, so if I had to choose between the two for sure for a raw file I would probably go with Capture One.

To sum it up, for jpg I would go with Snapseed over the phone’s built in editor and for RAW I would go with Capture One over Snapseed. But what would I choose between Snapseed jpg and Capture One raw? I think it depends on how saturated I want it and if I am willing to give up some detail for that saturation.

What do you think?

Images taken with Pixel 6

Edit:. After I posted this and was looking at it again, I actually think I might prefer the jpg edited in the phone’s built in editor because it preserved the highlights where the sun was hitting different areas much better than Snapseed did. 😩

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