Web Tries

I have yet to get a great photo of a spider web. The light has to be just right and I feel like I would have to be at just the right angle. Any tips from those who have had success at shooting this ellusive-to-me subject?

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Deep Within

Last day of middle school for my younger daughter today. She will be headed to high school in the fall whereas my older one just graduated high school and will be headed to college. So many changes.

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My neighbors house caught fire last fall. They are just now finally able to start tearing down the damage in order to rebuild.

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Water Logged

Motorola X Pure/Processed in Pixlr

It rained all week here. Days and days in a row. Finally, we saw the sun today, which was a surprise to me because it seems to always rain on Good Friday.

The wood image is in honor of His Holy Cross.

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