Outside the Ice Cream Shop

ice cream shop 02

ice cream shop 03

ice cream shop 04

ice cream shop 05

ice cream shop 06

ice cream shop 07

ice cream shop 08


Hamilton at The Fox

We saw the hit Broadway show, Hamilton, at The Fox Theatre in St. Louis, MO tonight. It was a good time!

Motorola X Pure/Processed in Snapseed

We are in Gatlinburg, Tennessee right now on family vacation and believe it or not, while in America’s heartland, one of the first places we chose to eat dinner was a full-on Mexican cantina called, “No Way Jose.” Since I am prone to saying this phrase to my children a lot, I thought it was quite appropriate to include them in some of the photos. ๐Ÿ˜‰

no way jose 01

no way jose 02

no way jose 03

no way jose 04

no way jose 05

no way jose 06

no way jose 07

no way jose 08

no way jose 09

This week’s Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge is “Dense.” Now, dense has more than one meaning. The first being “stupid or foolish” which could be applied to my husband and I as we embarked down a never before explored (by us) gated path that displayed this sign at its start:

shot gun 01 1

shot gun 06 1

Turns out we didn’t get shot and the risk was worth it as we enjoyed some beautiful sunset views of “dense” brush, fields, and trees.

shot gun 02 1

shot gun 03 1

shot gun 04 1

shot gun 05 1

Taken with a not so great smart phone camera, but it was fun to snap some images of what is along the roads I travel so often, which I hardly ever notice otherwise.

Posted for The Daily Post Challenge: Evanescent

evยทaยทnesยทcent [evษ™หˆnes(ษ™)nt]
Soon passing out of sight, memory, or existence; quickly fading or disappearing.

ride home 1

ride home 2

ride home 3

ride home 4

ride home 5

ride home 6

ride home 7

ride home 8

ride home 9

Also sharing with Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge.

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