Not So Silent Sunday More Flowers for the Weekend

With my new camera equipment, I’ve decided to get more deliberate and technical with some of my photography from here on out so I need some experienced photographers’ help on why this picture isn’t in focus from front to back. I shot it with the following equipment and settings:

  • Sony a7 III full frame
  • Sigma 24-70mm art lens at 70mm
  • SS 1/5 sec
  • f/11
  • ISO 250
  • Tripod
  • Two second timer before shutter release
  • Forgot to turn off image stabilization
  • Auto, single point focus about half way into flower field
  • No wind that I can remember

These are the options I thought of to try and improve the focus of the entire image next time:

  • Definitely turn image stabilization off when using a tripod I’ve read multiple places
  • Shoot at a wider angle, closer to 24mm
  • Shoot at a faster Shutter speed, which would then bump up my ISO
  • Shoot at a smaller aperture, maybe f/13 or f/16 which would also bump up my ISO, and I hate to do too much of that.

So I have three questions:. 1) Why do you think I failed to nail the focus in this image? 2) Do you think the things I listed above would help me get a better focused landscape image next time? and 3) What else can I do that will help me nail the focus besides focus stacking? I don’t think I’m reading to tackle that type of post processing yet.

Thanks so much for any help you can offer. 💖

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