Rainy Day Part 2

I recently upgraded my editing software to its latest version (Capture One Pro 22) and it has the added function of merging images to form one HDR (high dynamic range) image. Below is, first, a single photo I tried to expose in camera as best I could for the highlights and shadows. I then made edits to it in Capture One.

The second photo is a merge of three separate images, one exposed the best I could for the entire picture, one exposed correctly for the sky where most of the highlights are, and one exposed for the shadows in the landscape. I then made edits to the MERGED image in Capture One.

Single image + edit
Merging of three separate images taken at different (bracketed) exposures + edit

The differences aren’t huge but the merged image appears to have a slightly bigger range of highlights and shadows. I tried my hardest to edit the single image to look as balanced as the merged one does but I couldn’t achieve it in post processing. Like I said, the difference is subtle but I think big enough for me to play around with this technique again.

Sony a7 III/ Capture One

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