Happy New Year Monochrome Tree Tops

This is the last photo I have from 2020 to post so I thought it appropriate to post while it’s still 2020. It’s 10:13pm here so I just made it with a little time to spare.

Hoping 2021 is a little brighter and happier for us all.

Sony A68/Capture One

Setting the Stage

Merry Christmas!

Here are two backdrops for a family photoshoot I am doing this weekend. I think I will have them standing in the first one and on a blanket in the second, pulling in for a tighter shot.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday!

Sony A68


It was very windy the day I was out walking and taking pictures this day. You can tell by the way the leaves appear to be hanging sideways on the trees.

Sony A68/Capture One

Fall Trees by the Lake

There is a photo in this post. Sorry – if it doesn’t show up in your reader, you will have to visit my blog to see it. I have notified WordPress of this problem.

Sony A68/Capture One

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