Beautiful Sky and Phone Problems

Pixel 6/ Snapseed

I’m having troubles with my Pixel 6. A week or so ago my camera flipped upside down so every pic it took was upside down! I went through ALL of the steps to try and fix it including trouble shooting with Google’s tech support. They finally started asking me for the information needed to return/replace the phone.

As a side note I am also having trouble with the browser freezing up when I search to the point I have to close it out and reopen and try again. But I hadn’t even got to that with tech support.

After a factory reset I realized I forgot to save my contact list. So before answering Google’s last email, I took my old Pixel 3a and transferred all its data to the 6 to get my contacts back on the 6. After I did that, guess what? The camera was fixed!

I never responded to Google’s last email because I’m afraid if I tell them it’s fixed they will close out the ticket and if it goes out again I’ll have to start all over.

Downside is the browser is still glitching sooooo…I may wait until they start buying back the 6s for trade in and (gulp) switch brands.

My husband just bought the top of the line Samsung and his camera blows the Pixel 6’s away because if it’s zoom lens. Also the saturation on his colors seems to be better. The iphone 13 pro has a zoom also. My daughter has that phone so I am going to compare hers to my husband’s. I know the Pixel 6 pro has a zoom but I’m kind of leary of Pixel now.

California Vacation Part 7

From San Francisco we crossed the foggy Golden Gate Bridge and visited the foggy Rodeo Beach in Marin County.

To me the views opposite the beach were just as beautiful.

On our last day in California we visited Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco for some shopping and very expensive hot fudge sundaes. Delicious!

I think this concludes my posts on our vacation to California. Check out the links below for all the other fun stuff we did.

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California Vacation Part 6

We spent part of an afternoon shopping up and down the Haight/Ashbury area which apparently is popular to some. Our relatives who live close by called it “The Haight” (pronounced like “hate”).

Large vintage record store
Alley off of Haight St.

It was in this area out of all of San Francisco that I saw the most number of homeless people.

After The Haight we went to Balmy alley to check out the art murals which apparently change from time to time.

More sites around the Balmy alley area. My husband thought it was the ‘mission district” but I don’t know.

We also just kind of drove around San Francisco checking out all the architecture of the houses crammed together on the hills of the city. Some of the hills were so steep you couldn’t even see over the top of where the street went. It was like going over a cliff 😂.

We also drove by the Full House house!

Full House house

California Vacation Part 1

California Vacation Part 2

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California Vacation Part 3

During our first full day we took a cruise across the San Francisco Bay to tour Alcatraz. The tour was really cool especially if you follow along with the audio they provide.


One Hour Cruise

We took a relaxing, guided tour around the bay and saw many cool sights including the Golden Gate Bridge.

Golden Gate Bridge
Downtown San Francisco
I forget the name of this bridge
Same bridge I forgot the name of, near Pier 39

Pier 39

We walked around and shopped at Pier 39 in between the two cruises and also headed back there for dinner at the Crab House.

More to come…

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California Vacation Part 2

Palo Alto

We stayed in Palo Alto for our entire trip at my husband’s aunt’s house. She was gone on a trip herself out of the country so we had the whole place to ourselves! Sure beat living out of a hotel for a week! Wish we could have seen her though.

I took some pics of her beautiful backyard garden. She has chickens and a bee hive along with a full vegetable garden, fruit trees and bushes, various flowers, a waterfall feature, and many areas to sit and relax. We got to take care of the chickens and feed and collect eggs all week.

She also has a cottage in her backyard that is set up like a studio apartment. She has rented it out before but currently is not.

Chairs in front of the chicken coop
So funny how the chicken stuck it’s head in, watching us gather eggs 😂
My husband’s grandparents’ ashes are in this part of the garden 💖
Bee hive
Delicious raspberries

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