Far Away Birds

Every once in awhile I try my hand at photographing birds, and they are usually too far away for the mediocre lens that I have to get anything super clear. It’s still fun to try and see what I get though. They are a challenge to capture for me – flying around and hopping from branch to branch so quickly!

Sony A68/Capture One

Spying on the Ducks

The reeds were so tall in this marsh that I had to shoot through them (or on my tippy toes to shoot barely over them) to get pictures of the ducks, which kind of made it look like I was hiding from them to sneak some shots of them. They definitely didn’t see me as I could hardly see them!

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads!

Sony A68/Capture One

Shiny Guy


Not sure what type of bug this is but I think his golden color is kind of cool.

A blessed Good Friday to all.

Flight into Self Portraits

I shoot nature. I also shoot people (with my camera), but here I post nature, mostly. At the start of the new year I have decided to take on something completely different than what I have been doing for the last ten years:





self-portraits. Scary, daunting, and nerve-racking to say the least. I hope you’ll follow along and watch me learn.


This self portrait was shot with my Sony A68. SS 1/3sec, f/7.1, ISO400.

In the Meantime

Happiness! – as it was sunny today, and even though it was chilly in the 30’s, I got outside and took some pictures at a local park. I have to get them off my camera and edit still, so in the meantime, enjoy these pictures of my dog and her (loooong) tongue! 😋

Macro Puppy

It has been cold, cold, and wet and dreary around here for the last few days.  And windy!  So wet and windy that I haven’t risked going outside with my camera.  Last week I took some photos of my dogs inside.  Hopefully, I will be able to get back outside before I slip into a winter depression. 😦


Sony A68/ 30mm macro lens/ edit in Capture One

Happy Thanksgiving

Today in the US, we celebrate Thanksgiving Day. So much to be grateful for today (and everyday.) My family and friends, of course. The safe and comfortable life we live. We don’t have an over abundance, but we have what we need and much of what we want and definitely more than enough.

Most of all I’m thankful for the love and grace and mercy of that power greater than me, whom I call God. These are the most humbling gifts I have ever received.

I hope you have a lot to be thankful for and I hope for many blessings for you and your loved ones.

Composite of my pups done in Gimp.

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