Happy National Dog Day 2020

I used my 50mm prime lens on these two, which is what I use for portraits in general. I shot at an aperture of f/1.8 because they are so small and a shutter speed of 1/160 seconds hoping that was fast enough to keep any blur out if they moved a bit.

The ISO was at 800 which is fairly high even though I was indoors, but I really wanted to balance the ambient light with the flash so I pushed it up some.

I always get excited when I am able to use my new flash with success, since I am mostly inexperienced with flash.

Sony A68/ Godox V1-S/ Capture One

Dragon Fly

Spotted this guy at the Marsh last month. Think it’s about time for another trip back there.

Sony A68/ Capture One


If my research is correct, this is a four toothed Mason wasp.

Sony A68/Capture One

Muskrat Swimming

I believe this is a muskrat from my husband’s research on things that can live in a wetland/marsh. It was a quick swimmer whatever it was!

Sony A68/ Capture One/Color Efex Pro

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