Blue Hour

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What is wild is that the St. Louis Blues just won the Stanley Cup!!! Team with the longest time in the franchise to have never won (52 years) until now. St. Louis is excited tonight! 🙂

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The Sun is Setting

Last night my pup did not get sick in her kennel for the first time in the last four nights. So hopefully the sun has set on that issue.

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The Cup

After not being in the finals for 49 years the St. Louis Blues could win it all tonight, at home to boot! Stanley Cup – Let’s Go Blues!

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Started a no gluten no sugar diet this week to see if it helps me get rid of some of my migraines. Read a book about it. It’s basically like the keto diet. I’m not sticking strictly to it but I’m pretty low carb most days. Fingers crossed.


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I had to move my dogs’ kennel that they sleep in the last two nights because we got our carpets cleaned. One of them got sick in it both nights. And I thought I didn’t handle change well! Geez, poor thing, but poor me too and all the laundry I keep having to do!

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