Muskrat Swimming

I believe this is a muskrat from my husband’s research on things that can live in a wetland/marsh. It was a quick swimmer whatever it was!

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Shy Birds

Hiding behind leaves, turning away…I just couldn’t grab a clear shot of these guys!

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Back at the Marsh

I never tire of this place. I walked about 50ft from where I stood the last time I was there, taking pictures along the way. After about a half hour I felt I had my fill because there is so much going on there sensory wise – sights, sounds and smells from all of the trees, reeds, flowers, bushes, vines, etc., and then the multitude of wildlife, birds, ducks, frogs, bees, dragonflies, and more – that my system actually began to feel overloaded by all the input and I felt I needed a break!

So, I have many posts of photos coming from this man-made Marsh. I hope you enjoy the little glimpses into this small piece of land that actually sits smack dab in the middle of a suburban neighborhood of all places! Lol!

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Driving in the Rain

I ride passenger seat 99.9% of the time when my husband and I go places together. I love it because then I get to take pictures of things along the way.

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A Wild Bunny and a Pet Bunny

My daughter has a Holland lop bunny that is black and white and just about the cutest thing. His name is Hoppy. His ears hang down along the sides of his face unlike the ones that stick straight up like this wild rabbit I caught eating in the park last week.

Pixel 3a XL/Snapseed

Here a picture of Hoppy that my daughter took. He’s eating a treat.

Here’s one of him in his tunnel that I took with my phone. He LOVES it in there.

Park Bridges

There were still many fireworks going on Sunday night in my neighborhood on the 5th of July. I put the dogs in their crate about when it all started up at 9pm and turned on the noise machine in the room so hopefully they just stayed calm and went to sleep.

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Summer Flower

My dog is recuperating from all of the 4th of July fireworks, she looks like she has a hangover, lol. Poor thing just gets so worked up about them even if I give her antianxiety medication. Unfortunately, the fireworks go off days before and even after the 4th, but I think the 3rd and 4th are the worst of it, so hopefully tonight is better.

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