Company of Trees

“If you would know strength and patience, welcome the company of trees.” ― Hal Borland

Sony A68/Capture One/Snapseed

Whispering Breezes

“God’s voice was not in the earthquake, Not in the fire, nor the storm, but it was in the whispering breezes.” ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Sony A68/Capture One

Two Views

I love this view of the lake with the tree off center. Below is another view of the same tree only from a distance.

Here it sort of gets lost in the backdrop of the trees on the other side of the lake.

The white sand everywhere always makes for interesting images because it almost looks like snow in the middle of spring or summer or at least looks like sand that should be next to an ocean on the coast not next to a tiny lake in the midwest.

Sony A68/Capture One

Saturday Lakeview

Got out to a new park today to take pictures. Haven’t been here in a few years. It is quite beautiful. It was very crowded but as you will see in the photos I will be posting in the next week or two you would think it was deserted. Patience and some precise zooming can help you work your way around almost any obtrusive subjects or objects.

Sony A68/ Capture One

Lake Photos and a What the Heck Moment

I heard them play Nirvana on the oldies station this morning and I was like, what the heck! I was barely an adult when they were popular and they are already considered an oldie. What does that make me 😳

What was your last “what the heck” moment?

Sony A68/Capture One

Fall Trees by the Lake

There is a photo in this post. Sorry – if it doesn’t show up in your reader, you will have to visit my blog to see it. I have notified WordPress of this problem.

Sony A68/Capture One

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