Looking Over the Reeds

Trying to focus on the beauty of nature in a world where humans seems to be currently making it so ugly. Deep down we are all the same. Separateness feeds the ego and causes strife. Why is the focus on the differences instead of the sameness?

Sony A68/Capture One

Far Away Birds

Every once in awhile I try my hand at photographing birds, and they are usually too far away for the mediocre lens that I have to get anything super clear. It’s still fun to try and see what I get though. They are a challenge to capture for me – flying around and hopping from branch to branch so quickly!

Sony A68/Capture One

Waiting in Line

Snapped this one while waiting in the drive thru line on father’s day to get a snow cone!

The world can be beautiful where ever you are if you are open to noticing it and simply take the time to stop, maybe look up from your phone 🙂 and see what’s around you.

Pixel 3a XL

Spying on the Ducks

The reeds were so tall in this marsh that I had to shoot through them (or on my tippy toes to shoot barely over them) to get pictures of the ducks, which kind of made it look like I was hiding from them to sneak some shots of them. They definitely didn’t see me as I could hardly see them!

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads!

Sony A68/Capture One

Marshland Bird

There’s a marsh near my home that I like to go to a few times throughout the year because it changes depending on if the caretakers have recently cut back the grass or reeds or how tall they have grown since last time I was out. The water level fluctuates as well. The bird life can vary too.

This week I went out and stood in the same spot for twenty minutes and took a couple dozen images. Ended up with 12 keepers, enough for 7 posts. 🙂

I used five of those twenty minutes on this bird alone. He was really far away, so mostly what I got is a nice silhouette of him.

He sat on that branch forever tweeting away. I stayed on him though, because I was determined to get a shot of him flying away. And by gosh, I did!

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