Black and White or Color?

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Growing Up

My daughter graduates from high school on Saturday. Yesterday was her last day of school. I’ve never seen her so happy and excited. I’ve never felt so old. 😄

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Things in the Dark

I suffer from sleep related hallucinations called hypnagogic and hypnopompic hallucinations. The first occurs as you are falling asleep and the second as you are waking up. Mine usually happen when I am stressed and not sleeping well and therefore, wake up on and off throughout the night.

These hallucinations can be visual or tactile and include the perception of sights or sounds that aren’t actually there. Mine are usually of people and the hallucination doesn’t go away unless I turn on a light.

Only twice have I had a tactile hallucination. Once of something tapping me on the back and another of something pressing down on the top of my head. They are really freaky to have even when you know they are not real at the time.

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Cathedral Basilica Moods and Lights

One of my favorite things about photographing the inside of this cathedral was the various lighting available with which to experiment. Most of the overhead lights were turned off leaving just focal lighting on the art work and statues to illuminate the spaces, and then of course there were the candles and stained glass providing interesting light.

We will be here this weekend for my younger daughter’s Confirmation ceremony. It is such a beautiful place! If you are ever in St. Louis, I recommend a visit.









Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis

I thoroughly enjoyed my tour of the Basilica this past week.  The guide noted that not one drop of paint was used to create all the beautiful artwork.  Everything was completed using mosaics comprised of millions and millions of little pieces of colored glass.













Many people live with chronic pain myself included. I have chronic migraine. I get anywhere from 8 to 15 migraines per month. Sometimes two in one day. I have tried eliminating all possible triggers and am on multiple preventative medications, but they seem to get worse year after year.

I used to get really angry about having them but that only increased my suffering. Now, I am at the point of acceptance which has given me some peace of mind even though they are still not pleasant to experience.

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