California Vacation Part 2

Palo Alto

We stayed in Palo Alto for our entire trip at my husband’s aunt’s house. She was gone on a trip herself out of the country so we had the whole place to ourselves! Sure beat living out of a hotel for a week! Wish we could have seen her though.

I took some pics of her beautiful backyard garden. She has chickens and a bee hive along with a full vegetable garden, fruit trees and bushes, various flowers, a waterfall feature, and many areas to sit and relax. We got to take care of the chickens and feed and collect eggs all week.

She also has a cottage in her backyard that is set up like a studio apartment. She has rented it out before but currently is not.

Chairs in front of the chicken coop
So funny how the chicken stuck it’s head in, watching us gather eggs πŸ˜‚
My husband’s grandparents’ ashes are in this part of the garden πŸ’–
Bee hive
Delicious raspberries

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