California Vacation

I’ve been sort of putting off writing this because it overwhelms me to think about how much stuff we did in California a few weeks ago and how many pictures I have of our wonderful vacation! But I want to share them and also have this next series of posts be a kind of log of our trip. Hope you enjoy them as I walk you through the sights and stories of our get-a-way.

All pictures were taken with my Pixel 6 unless otherwise noted. I was too nervous to bring my expensive camera equipment with me since we were flying. Plus, my camera with its lens is very heavy to carry around and I knew we would be doing a lot of walking. Boy, was I right! We walked miles and miles everyday.

On Our Way

daughter”s iphone pic

We took off from St. Louis at 5:30am and arrived in Las Vegas prepared for a one hour layover that turned into 6 hours! (Our plane got stuck in Ohio in bad weather.) We tried to fly standby on a different flight that left earlier than ours was expected to arrive, but no luck.

I people watched for 6 hours while my daughter and husband sat on their phones. I think my daughter slept quite a bit, too. I wish I could fall asleep anywhere like her!

the kid
Layover in Las Vegas

Finally made it to California!

We arrived in San Jose airport with plenty of the day left since California is 2 hours behind our time zone here in Missouri. We were ready for dinner and so we went straight to In-N-Out burger to see what all the hype is about. Sorry to say, we were disappointed! It wasn’t bad but nothing special like we were expecting.

Half Moon Bay

Next we went to a beach in Half Moon Bay because we had to get a look at the Pacific Ocean! We were there as the sun was going down so the view was lovely.

The landscape in Half Moon Bay was beautiful everywhere, not just at the beach.

More to come…


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  1. I didn’t take my big Nikon but I did take my little Nikon J5 with me because it can fit into a pocket or nicely into the backpack pocket. It’s about the same size as my phone. But my phone is much quicker to get going for those quick action shots and you don’t look like a tourist with a camera hanging around your neck. LOL. I’m looking at a new small camera and I may be getting the Fujifilm x100 v. If anybody ever gets a back in stock again.

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