This is for A Photo a Week Challenge: Saturation. The first photo is before any edits were made. The second photo is after minor edits were made to the saturation levels of the colors, just to make them a bit more vibrant. The differences are subtle but noticeable, nonetheless.

before saturation

after saturation

Below are a few ways I use saturation to change the look of my photos. I increased the saturation of the red only in the first photo to alter the color of the roses.

increased red saturation

In this last photo, I decreased the saturation of all the colors down to zero EXCEPT for the red. The red I left alone. This is one of my favorite ways to play around with color saturation levels. I love black and white photos with a pop of color.

pop of red

Thanks for looking!

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  1. i think the second is the most pleasing. the over and under sat photos make the roses look 1. like very ripe tomatoes and 2. faded tomatoes. i have my cameras set to over sat my colors and i often shoot the photos underexposed to “make” them more vibrant. it does not always work out. lol but i grew up shooting kodak extachrome and fujifilm so the colors were a bit saturated to begin with.


    1. interesting to hear how you adjust your camera settings to get the type of photos you want as far as saturation goes. I haven’t gone beyond adjusting for exposure with my camera settings. Just recently started using manual only. That was a big jump for me!


      1. on my nikon d300s (dslr) i shoot mostly aperture priority and adjust as needed, including zoom to crop my subject. i will use the exposure control to usually underexpose a bit. my color settings are set to vivid and set for a bit more contrast. my b/w settings are also set for a bit more contrast. so i try and do all i can in/with the camera. of course it is all about the light. right? in the computer, i usually only adjust for contrast and brightness and any cropping. 🙂 have fun. besides if it doesnt look good, you can always delete it. 🙂

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