After Before Photo

Below is a photo by Shane Francescut that I edited as part of a challenge put forth by Stacy’s One Photo Focus.


Photo by Shane Francescut; edited by Sheila
Photo by Shane Francescut; edited by Sheila


Photo by Shane Francescut
Photo by Shane Francescut

All I did was crop in on the right side of the front building and adjust the color levels in GIMP. Easy-peasy! Check out what others did with Shane’s photo at One Photo Focus.

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  1. Hi, Sheila! I’m normally much faster at visiting everyone’s 1PF posts, but these past few days have been pretty hectic ones for me. So my apologies.

    I am so delighted that you participated in this round (and hope you’ll be back for future ones!). I really love what you did with Shane’s image. The tone and temperature are just so pleasing and calming. Nothing fancy, as you say, but the photo really does pop off the page for me. I need to take a page from your book and keep it simple next time!


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