Run Away! Run Away!

While walking down a wooded path we had never before traveled, we came upon a clearing where a family of deer were enjoying a sunset meal in the grassy field. Of course they scattered before I could even get my camera raised.

deer 1

deer 2

deer 3

Now that I know they are there, I will be sneakier the next time we go back. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Run Away! Run Away!

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  1. I remember my brother (a photographer) got a good laugh from a comment on his site. The gal asked him how he got such great photos of birds. She said she took a photography class hoping to learn, but all she ever captured were duck butts. LOL. As you’ve pointed out, with wildlife, you’ll always get the best shots by scoping out where they lurk and approaching quietly, or even better setting up before they arrive and waiting for them at the appropriate time of day.

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    1. For sure! We actually spotted them through the trees and at the same time I saw one startle and look up, sensing us. They were too hidden to get any shots so we tried to quietly enter the clearing but they heard us on the gravel road and took off. It’s going to be hard to sneak up on these guys, I fear.

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