Returning Home Again

Here’s the photo I posted a little bit ago which did not get emailed to my subscribers and did not show up in the Reader to my knowledge. So, if this post did either of those two things, consider me singing, “Hallelujah!” right this moment!

Has anyone ever had this issue with their posts? I contacted wordpress several weeks ago about it and a couple times since then and they haven’t given me any feedback on what the issue could be or how to fix it. I’m quite frustrated by it all, the problem itself, the amount of time it has gone on (months now) and the lack of communication from wordpress on the problem solving process.

In the meantime, if you would like to stay up to date on my posts, you may just want to pop on over every day or two and check the website because chances are you’ve missed something.

5 thoughts on “Returning Home Again

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  1. Nobody has said anything to me but they’ve missed any of my posts. do anything is it that sometimes they can’t see some of my photos but that is because they are a copy paste and it all depends on what device are looking at them


    1. I can see all of your photos and you know what phones I have. I used to trash the post and republish it exactly the same when I noticed it happening and now wordpress has asked me not to do that anymore so they can see what is going on but they have left me in the dark about the progress of their investigation. So, I have taken to leaving the original post alone and posting a second one with the same photo but different text. Lol


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