It seems my posts still aren’t being filtered through the Reader feed in a timely manner, if at all, so if you missed the one earlier today here it is:  Sunset Walk.

Posting from my laptop to see if that makes a difference.


Pixel 3a XL


12 thoughts on “Grrr…Weeds

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    1. I know. (sigh). The last two posts didnt make it onto the main reader right away. Sunset Walk did hours later only after I posted something after it, which I then deleted because I only posted it because I had a feeling it would push the other one through and it did. Not sure why but sometimes that happens. And Grrr…Weeds posted in the photography tag feed but not the site followed reader feed. It’s so discouraging to post and not be able to then engaged with people. Isn’t that the whole point of blogging. WordPress doesn’t have any idea why these things are going on so I am stuck with this crappy platform that used to work fine and now all of the sudden doesn’t. So weird.


      1. I really have no idea if my followers get my post in their feed all the time or if they miss some no one has said anything to me though. The only problem I have heard is that sometimes people can’t see some of my photos. And those photos are the ones that are a copy paste and sometimes want to open up my own post I can’t see them either weird


      2. Well I follow my own site so I know if it shows up in the feed or not because it will be in my own reader (or not). Same thing with the email subscription. I subscribe to my own site so that I know if my posts are being emailed out or not.


      3. Never thought of doing anything like that. But I always think it’s funny when people like their own post. But yours sounds like a great idea to be sure it’s getting posted


      4. Yes that’s why I do it, to see if they are getting posted. Lol about people liking their own posts. My kids do that on their Instagram posts and I asked them why they do that and they said, “well we wouldn’t have posted them if we didnt like them!” 😂 Lol


  1. I had a similar problem a few months ago. Apparently it wasn’t just a problem with my blog, it was a problem with the reader. I was eventually told the problem was fixed, but maybe there is a new problem!
    I see the Happiness Engineers are fiddling around with our Dashboard again. Some of the things that I could do with one click now take two clicks or more. I wish they would quit fixing things that aren’t broken and fix the things that are broken…


    1. I hope they fix this problem soon. It’s so frustrating. “Happiness Engineers” lol, I love it! It is how they sign all their emails isn’t it. Lol thanks for letting me know I’m not alone.


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