Common Buckeye

I don’t know much about the names of things in nature, so I have been learning a lot from Jeanne over at “Picture Walks.” For example, I learned this is called the common buckeye butterfly.

I highly recommend you check out Jeanne’s photography starting with this post

It’s one of my favorites. 😍

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    1. You bet! You’ve inspired me to branch out of my comfort zone and shoot something beside landscapes all the time. Still trying to figure out how to best capture all these moving subjects. Lol.


      1. Yes I captured a fast moving ant today (and posted it) at 1/1250 second. What is your typical shutter speed for insects and birds?


      2. I was shooting the hummingbird moth at 1/2000 sec to try to freeze the wings, but I don’t usually have it that fast. Typically it’s more like 1/1000 or 1/1250 for movement –or if I think something’s likely to move!

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