Friday Night Lights Out

My husband and I went to the local highschool’s football game tonight to watch them play in the state quarter finals. They were doing great, crushing the opposing team 20-0 by half time.

Right into the second half our team scored again making it 27-0. Then half way through the 3rd quarter the field lights went out. It was dark except for the light of the moon and the white cell phones lights of the visitors section on the other side of the field! The parking lot lights were still on as was the concession stand’s.

It took about 30 minutes for them to get the field lights back on. By this time both teams had gone into the locker rooms. I assume they were going to restart the game, but it was 33°F out and we were pretty cold so we decided to head home.

I saw on Twitter that they did end up winning 27-0 taking the district title.

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