A Mess

Today we took down all the Christmas stuff and I am kind of sad about it. Most years I try to leave the tree up until the feast of the Epiphany which celebrates the 3 wise men coming to see baby Jesus on January 6th, but this year we got a real tree, as opposed to our normal artificial one, and over the last two days ornaments were dropping off of it like crazy because it was starting to wilt even though we were keeping up on watering it.

So, I thought it best if we went ahead and took it down before any of my ornaments broke. By the time we got everything off of the tree there was a blanket of thousands of needles all over the floor. And of course the tree was set up on the opposite side of the room as the front door. So, when taking it out, it left a huge trail of needles everywhere. What a mess! I think I am done with real trees. Except that I enjoyed the smell of it so much!

Sony A68/Capture One

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