Frankenstein’s Monster

My daughter made this several years ago (with a bit of help) in elementary school out of a plastic pumpkin for a Halloween project.

Do you decorate for Halloween?

4 thoughts on “Frankenstein’s Monster

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  1. I used to go all out for Halloween. We would do a fully decorated “haunted” garage, several carved pumpkins, the whole works. Sadly, my kids are older and the neighborhood changed with new construction and the trick-or-treaters slowed to a trickle. Last year was the first year I didn’t do the garage and we aren’t doing anything at all this year. I miss how fun it was, but I’m not really missing the massive amount of work that went into it.


    1. It does change when the kids get older. I still have a teenager in the house so I feel inclined to still put out some decorations, even though she could probably care less, lol. I am wondering how I will feel once she is out of the house. Hate to think that I’d lose my spirit all together!

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      1. Mine are 18 and 16. My 18 year old couldn’t care less and hasn’t for several years now. My 16 year old is a little disappointed, but she is also extremely pragmatic and agrees with passing on it all this year.

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