A Bend in the Water

I’ve been off Facebook for over two weeks now. I just couldn’t take the negativity and politics anymore. No matter where I go on social media, even here on WordPress, where all I follow are photography blogs, I still see it, but nothing like Facebook!

I also couldn’t stand all the ads. On the WordPress mobile app, there are no ads. Let’s hope it stays that way.

On Instagram people tend to post just pictures and not as much of the political stuff. There are some ads but not as many as on Facebook. Instagram is much simpler within my circle compared to Facebook.

I’m not active on Twitter. I only follow a few accounts like my kiddo’s school and a few friends who aren’t active either, so no problem there. I follow a few spiritual accounts, too, so it’s usually a pleasant experience to check out Twitter when I do and the ads aren’t too bad.

I must say I do feel better being off of Facebook, but suffer from a little of that fear of missing out on all the fun posts like people’s family pictures and updates especially from the people who aren’t also on Instagram. Honestly, those updates weren’t as frequent as the negative stuff, though.

What’s your experience with different social media platforms?

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3 thoughts on “A Bend in the Water

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  1. I’m only on here. Never did Facebook and have no desire to. Not many of the blogs I follow here on WP post much if any political stuff and the one that I did follow was hanging onto mostly the lies and conspiracy stuff floating around currently and I unfollowers.


    1. Yes, I unfollowed one that got to be super judgy and intolerant of the opposing side in a hateful way. That’s the kind of negativity I’m referring to. Probably smart of you never to do Facebook to begin with.


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