Large Leaf

Anyone know what type of leaf this is/what tree is came from? I do not know these things. It’s very big though.

Pixel 3a XL/Snapseed

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      1. The “lens” app is not very good and you have to “teach” it to recognize specific items. But I used to have a plant identification app on my phone but because of limited space on my current phone I deleted it long ago.

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      2. I think it might be sycamore. If so the lens was actually correct. Go figure. I didn’t think it looked like the sycamore images the lens app found but it looks like others I found on google.


      3. 😊 The time that I’ve used lens it was never very specific It was always generalized. So if I showed it a leaf it would say it was a leaf. Lol or if I showed it a flower you would say it was a flower. Lol


      4. That’s funny, lol. No it’s specific, I just didn’t think it was correct at first. I’ve used it for flowers before and it has been right. Don’t use it that often though.


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