Time to Start Moving

I visited my doctor this week for a check up and he got on me a bit because I am not very good about getting in regular exercise. So I’m going to start with yoga. It’s about all I can tolerate. Anything too aerobic gives me a migraine headache. It’s a whole thing. I may walk some but the weather has to be just right. I’m real sensitive to the temperature. It’s a whole other thing. Lol. What do you do for exercise?

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  1. My exercise is mostly running. Depending on some medication side effects (long story), I average about 20 miles a week of easy running, and 3-5 miles of high intensity interval training. Pre COVID-19, I’d also do modest strength training at the fitness center.

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  2. My philosophy on exercise is ‘some is better than none’. Sometimes when I don’t feel motivated to do all the sets, or to walk as far as I should, I tell myself I’ll just do half of it. Once I get started, I often find I’ll go ahead and complete whatever I should be doing. But even if I don’t, doing a little bit helps keep the habit of daily exercise part of my routine. Good luck.

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    1. That mind trick of just doing half is a great idea. Because you’re right that getting started is probably the hardest part. Once you get going though it is easier to finish out your routine. I will have to remember that. Thanks.

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    1. That’s awesome that work gives you a chance to do so much walking. Then you dont have to spend so much of your free time getting your workout in unless you want to like that hiking. I do enjoy a nice hike through the woods.

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