Panning a Motorcycle

Have you ever tried panning photography? It is quite fun and gives a cool effect like this image of my husband on his motorcycle.

I had my camera on a tripod but you could hand hold it if you can keep it fairly level as you swivel horizontally, keeping your focus on the subject as they ride by. He was only going about 20 miles per hour.

I had my camera on shutter priority set to 1/25 sec. You have to play around with the slow shutter speed to get the effect you want depending on the lighting conditions around you.

I had it on continuous shooting and I tried manual focus and auto and got better results with manual.

What do you think?

Sony A68/Capture One

3 thoughts on “Panning a Motorcycle

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  1. Once again, nice images. I tried panning in the photo class that I took earlier this year. It was cold outside so I didn’t try manual vs. auto focus… shot and got back in the warm car lol. Results are in my blog somewhere.

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    1. I did the manual by accidently switching it on my lens without realizing it. A happy accident you could say. But I am glad I did because I will try it again on purpose next time since it turned out better than auto focus.


      1. I’m enrolled in another program, this time with Cornell University, and will see if I can work in a panning shot,now that its warmer 😀

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