Tiny Sunburst

My poor dog is on her 5th week of being tied up due to a back injury. We have to keep her from jumping up and down off the furniture for long enough to heal properly. She whines a lot because she wants off the leash which tends to drive me crazy 😧. She did 3 weeks on rest and then the vet said she was fine and then she reinjured it 2 days later, so another 3 weeks we have to do.

I may lose my mind before then. She’s on a steroid that makes her have to pee like every 90 minutes and I have to let her out the front yard and go out with her so she doesn’t run away. The backyard has too many stairs and she’s not allowed to do stairs because of the injury. I’m used to her just going out when ever she wants to through the dog door.

I also have to give her medication for the back 3 times a day! I’m kind of lazy so all this extra work is for the birds.

Sony A68/ Capture One

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