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What should I include on my bucket list of places to photograph in the USA? #naturephotography #landscapephotography

Sony A68/Capture One/Snapseed

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  1. This is a really good question. I’ve followed your blog a while, and I would bet that you would have a plastic at any national park. Breathtaking scenery for landscapes, unique and colorful flowering plants, and with a large telephoto lens, all kinds of wildlife.

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    1. You are right, Joe. That would be fun. Landscapes are my favorite. I’ve already decided I’m upgrading equipment by the end of the year in anticipation of us begining to travel in the next year or two. Good as excuse as any. Maybe I’ll even get really serious and start using a tripod too! Lol. I really need to. A lot of my images are blurry but I’m the kind of photographer that jumps out of the car and snaps a few pictures and jumps back in unless it’s a really perfect weather day and then I will take more time outdoors, which is rare.

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      1. I’m usually traveling with others who roll their eyes when I jump out of the car, then get antsy because I took too long to bracket the shot.


      2. What do you bracket for. Focus, exposure?… If I ever start using a tripod I think it would be fun to bracket for some HDR landscape images. I’d have to learn because I’ve never done it before. Bracketing for focus sounds complicated.


      3. For landscapes, I typically bracket for exposure, usually 3 shots adjusting shutter speed +/- one or two stops. In post processing, it helps if all three shots were taken on a tripod to keep the same alignment when stacked for HDR processing. I’ve never done a focus bracket, but I’ve heard of folks doing focus stacking. I think in that case, they are doing macros. Aperture and iso bracketing are also possible but I’m not sure what advantages they would have for landscapes.

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