Monochrome Monday Street Photography

What is your opinion on candid street photography? I completely enjoy the art of making street images but go back and forth about how I feel about taking people’s picture without their consent. This is a very huge genre of photography so I’m wondering what your take is?

Pixel 3a XL/ Snapseed

4 thoughts on “Monochrome Monday Street Photography

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  1. it can be nerve wracking, but the law is on your side. i rarely do this but im usually looking for the more unusual candid shot. lol i do find it easier with a camera that has a tilt screen and i have to be a bit more creative if using my phone. lol

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    1. I’ve found that today’s increasing tension impacts my love of candid street photography…especially children. I’ve have been shifting away from people focused images towards an exploration of the human form within light and shadow. A stage of exploring various composition elements.

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