Wordless Wednesday Walking Path

Sony a7 III/ Capture One

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  1. have you started to compare the photos from each of your cameras (including the phone)? i have and i find the photos mostly from my phone, to be more pleasing. they dont seem to be as “flat” as the photos from my 2 real cameras.

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    1. Yes, i know what you mean. I really used to notice it with my old camera. I also think the editing is much more dynamic on the phone apps than on my laptop software. I can get amazing colors from sunset skies on my phone especially after editing in Snapseed than I can ever replicate on my regular camera and laptop. Why is that?


      1. I’m sure it has to do with the processor in the phones and the editing that it does plus I think the screens on our phones being much smaller obviously but I think they have a better pixel rating so I think that’s why photos on my phone look a lot better than they do on the computer. Even when I transfer photos over from my phone to the computer they lack the depth not quite as much though is lost as when I do photos from either one of my two cameras. But you have to remember both of my real cameras the technology is pretty old so they don’t process the photos quite as well I think. And on my computer I use Photoshop Express instead of Snapseed.


      2. My new camera produces much higher quality images than my old one and similar to my phone in my opinion. Snapseed is just really good at pulling out those colors on the “accentuate” preset lol


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