My Creative Outlets

More random facts about me via pictures around the house as I avoid the 98°F temps outside…

Photography, of course, is my biggest hobby. This photo is a wall hanging in my house of an image I took years ago of my daughters exploring the banks of the converge of the Missouri and Kansas Rivers, if I remember right. Kansas City is in the background.

I got into pencil drawings for about a year back in 2014 and this was probably the best thing that I produced. I still pick it up here and there when I feel like doodling but never do anything big anymore.

I went through a couple of years where I painted a lot. On canvas and on random things like this picture frame. Painting was very therapeutic for me during a time in my life when I was going through some painful things. Once I got through that I kind of lost interest in it. Although, lately I’ve been getting the itch again so we’ll see.

What is your favorite hobby or creative outlet?

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  1. Must’ve been a good camera to be able to print that size and maintain quality. Good photographer too of course!

    I enjoy hiking and following cricket. A more creative hobby would be writing and poetry but I’ve never really stuck to that or enjoyed writing it down… which may be a bit weird and a shame!

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    1. You’d be surprised at what you can print with just an average camera. I think I took this one with a Sony a35 which is only 16 megapixels.

      I wrote poetry for a few years, too, during the same time I painted. It was a fun hobby.


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