The Start of Autumn

So many changes, starting with the size of the images wordpress places in the draft version of your post now, as you edit. They are so tiny! I hope they don’t look this tiny when they are published. Geesh!

Then there is the beginning of the changing of the leaves like in this tiny photo.

Finally, my mood always changes with the weather change of the seasons switching (it cooled off greatly this week), …my mood going up if I was down, down if I was up. I’m expecting it to go up but I was extremely tired this week from some dehydration and a migraine attack. Now that I am through those obstacles I am feeling more positive. Fingers crossed!

I have a fairly low-key weekend planned. Just a family birthday party for my nephew on Sunday. He is turning 16! What do you have planned?

Happy weekend to you all!

Sony a7 III/ Capture One

Joining Cee’s FOTD

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  1. Hi Sheila, what’s up with the image size? I can’t seem to figure it out when I post mine. They look either too big or too small, then I’ll get a prompt for my featured image that says it has to be larger than 1200 pixels.

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    1. Hi, Joe. Weird. I upload all my at 1200 pixels so I don’t know why I’m seeing a change. It seems to look fine once published though so that’s good. I don’t use the featured image section so I don’t have any idea about that.


    1. Thanks, good to know. I do compose by phone but upload my images via computer first at 1200 pixels on the long side so I know the size is ok. Once they’re published they seem to look fine on the phone. I’m going to check and see how they look on my computer later today.

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