Monochrome Monday Zebras and Update

Sony A68/ Capture One/ Snapseed

I’ve been busy keeping up on many photography projects, including editing fall landscapes for this site and portraits for my business at Also at

I’ve taken on the very time consuming task of detailing the products and adding new works to my Redbubble shop. It’s not complete but you can still shop for greeting cards, prints, mugs, clocks, phone cases, notebooks, laptop covers, linens, pillows, coasters, masks, water bottles, stickers, desk top items, and even some clothing items all made from my photography. or search the site for ‘Offshoots12’

I am also often creating new works of ICM abstract digital art which I post on Instagram.

Finally, I did a couple of photoshoots for family and friends this month, too, and let’s not forget the trip to the zoo. More animal pics to come!

Can you tell I love photography just a little bit?!

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    1. Yes, I upload my images to WordPress as I finish editing them on my laptop. Then sometimes I decide to change them later when I go to post them (like to b&w) so it’s easy to just download to phone, use Snapseed and reupload when I’m laying in bed at night and don’t want to drag my laptop in and wake up my husband! Aren’t you glad you asked? Sometimes I’ll use Snapseed after Capture One to get a certain filter effect that I can’t quite achieve on Capture One. Most people would pull it into Photoshop for those extra effects but I don’t have it.


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