Experimenting with Circular Polarizer

I am trying to decide if it was worth getting one. What are your experiences with them?

with circular polarizer
no circular polarizer

I notice in the above 2 photos that the one with the circular polarizer blends the colors better; the transitions are smoother. It also reduces the highlights significantly. You can especially see this on the house.

Below are several more photos of snow using and not using the circular polarizer. I don’t like it on the snow because it takes a pure white snow and makes it look dingy. While it eliminates the glaring highlights, it seems to warm up the color temperature too much and puts a slight yellow tinge to it. What do you think?

with circular polarizer
no circular polarizer
circular polarizer
no circular polarizer

4 thoughts on “Experimenting with Circular Polarizer

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  1. Hi Sheila, I don’t have any before/after pics with a polarizer. I think some of the effects with a polarizer are different depending on the time of day. I recall that you can see a big difference when light is coming from the side. I also like how it’ll blue up my skies– and my clouds aren’t quite as blown out as usual lol

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  2. i have one on my lenses of my nikon d300s. why have a filter? 1. it can protect the front lens and keeps it clean. 2. easier to clean off the filter than the front lens. 3. you can choose NOT to use the filter as it really is good for certain situations, 4. it can be a hassle if you have a lens hood on as you can not access the filter with the hood on

    i use it to cut the glare on water. it can cut the glare on windows if you want to. i like how it can enhance the blue on my skies. as joe said, it works differently depending on the time of day as the sun rays are coming from different angles. also the time of year can make a difference with the time of day. so embrace the filter and use it when needed.

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    1. I have some more experimenting to do with time of day. I took these photo later in the day when the sun was lower. I’ll keep trying it out. I like doing comparisons so I know what type of difference it is making.


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