Video of Nature before and afters

Here are some before and afters of landscape and nature photography that I took. The befores are straight out of camera and the afters are all hand edited. No filters. So as you can see post-processing is a big part of photography. I also post before and afters of portraits at if you want to check them out too.

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  1. there s nothing wrong with post editing. photographers have been doing so since photography existed. if one has the time and the equipment, take a photo that does not really need post editing. camera settings, lens filters, external lighting and film type play a big part and one can do away with film type with digital. i can remember taking 2 cameras with me. one had color film and the other black and white. now i can either switch a photo from color to b/w or, depending on your camera, shoot b/w or color with the flip of a switch on the camera. sometimes, i even had 3 cameras as one would be one of those Kodak’s instamatics point and click. lol

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